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Teach the READER, not the Reading! The Sight Word Epidemic

Sight Words…. Friend or Foe? Stanford University Brain Study on Sight Words And the Research Says….. Research shows that teaching kids to decode, or “sound out” words sparks far more optimal brain circuitry than instructing them to memorize them.  Stanford University’s study on brain waves shows how different teaching methods affect reading development… “Beginning readers who […]

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“We don’t EAT our friends!”….. A First Grade Writing Adventure

The following scenario is one that could only happen in an early grade classroom, so I know all of you reading this will relate! It’s perhaps the most perfect example of “out-of-the-box” learning and authentic writing I’ve ever come across in all my years teaching first grade, so I just had to share it! (It’s so entertaining that […]

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Teach Long & Short Vowel Sounds in 5 Minutes with the BETTER Alphabet Song & Superhero Vowels®

Yes! It IS possible to teach those tricky long and short vowel sounds in just 5 minutes, if you know how to cheat the brain! Learn all about the “BETTER Alphabet Song” for fast-tracking individual letter sounds, plus the Superhero Vowels® (and their short & lazy sounds!) for easy retrieval of those hard short vowel […]