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You Can’t Fight the Brain— It’s the Ultimate Pattern-Making Machine!

The Brain is the Ultimate Pattern-Making Machine!   In a previous post, I explained how to get the most brain-BANG for the buck when using Secret Stories® to sound-out unknown words and help learners to “think through” or pattern-out the most likely sound options. While that post focused on how to think like a doctor, this post will focus on […]

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Thinking Like a Word Doctor: Exceptions to the Phonics Rules

How To Teach Exceptions to Phonics Rules Did you know that if you had a fever and cough, it could be the plague, or pneumonia… or maybe just the flu? Actually, it could be a lot of things. Learn More About “Thinking Like a Word Doctor” Because doctors know that the plague is the least likely cause of your symptoms […]

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How I Doubled my DRA Scores by December with 24 Boys, 9 Girls… and 18 FAR Below First Grade Level!

So you know that moment when you get to meet that person who changed everything for you? Well, it happened to me! My name is Reneé McAnulty and I’m a proud first grade teacher at Cottonwood Elementary in Hesperia, California and this is my story… It all started with me nearly pulling every single hair […]

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The ‘Grown-Up’ Reading & Writing Phonics Secrets!

What letters DO when they DON’T do what they should! Have you ever wondered WHY letters make all of the crazy sounds that they do? Or how you could possibly make them make sense to a five-year-old who just wants to play with their shoe and lick the carpet?   Letters are like kids.  They behave beautifully and […]