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The Superhero Vowels®

Secret Stories T Shirts

Bring Phonics ALIVE with Secret Stories® Shirts

Amp-up the reading fun with Secret Stories® tees and bring the phonics Secrets to life! Instead of just talking about the Superhero Vowels®, now you can BECOME them!

With the Superhero Vowels® on the front and their “short and lazy” sound disguises on the back, you can show kids (not just tell) kids how their sounds switch back and forth….and then add Mommy E® and Babysitter Vowels® to the mix to make them “say their name!”

Each month, a new Secret Stories® shirt will be released for a limited time!
*All shirts available for a limited time.

Please order carefully and confirm your size before ordering, as shirts are shipped directly from the manufacturer so returns or exchanges cannot be accepted.

*Shipping/Handling is 10% on U.S. orders.

NEW! Secret Stories® Shirts

Superhero Vowels®  A

Superhero A Shirt

Superhero Vowels®  E

Superhero Vowel E Phonics Shirt

Superhero Vowels®  I

superhero vowels i shirt

Superhero Vowels®  O

superhero vowel o phonics shirt

Superhero Vowels®  U

Superhero U Shirt

Mommy E® with Babysitter Vowels®

Mommy E phonics shirt

Sneaky Y® with EY / AY

Sneaky Y shirt


er ir ur phonics shirt


revised au aw shirt