Secret Stories® Word Bubbles with Embedded Phonics Sounds

decoding phonics sounds for reading

decoding phonics sounds]

embedded phonics sounds

decoding words with phonics

Secret Stories® Word Bubbles – $15

Secret Stories® Word Bubbles are embedded with the Secret Stories® Sound Stickers to help kids connect the phonics patterns and sounds to read/spell words. There is a word bubble example for every Secret Story® phonics sound, so you can post them right alongside your Secret Stories® posters (not included) on the wall! Just print and cut!

You can also post them in center areas where kids can practice reading and writing words with the Secret sounds. You can even make your own with the editable sticker version! And for more fun center play, add the Secret Stories® Flashcards and iOS app to the mix! For more ways to use, go to the Secret Group and be sure to post pics, too!