Secret Stories® Phonics Stickers with Interactive Grid

secret stories phonics stickers and word mat

Phonics Stickers with Interactive Grid – $28

This Interactive Phonics Grid and stickers is designed to support Secret Stories® phonics instruction in remote reading/ distance learning lessons, as well as in traditional small and whole group instruction. It’s the perfect teaching tool for showing students how they can use the Secrets they know to read, write and spell words! Each Secret Story (phonics pattern) is represented with a graphic “hint” of its Secret sound, while maintaining focus on the actual letters for reading and spelling. In addition to the Secret Stories® phonics patterns and individual alphabet letters, the consonant blends are represented in tiny blenders, so as to help students visually identify their sounds as “one” when making and breaking words. Teach students to segment and blend the sounds they hear with optional “sound stickies” (for grapheme mapping) and “jail bar/snapshot” overlays to “capture” letters not making the sounds that they should! Use the preview box to isolate and spotlight specific words or letters in targeted lessons.

BONUS!! All of the Secret Stories® sound stickers are included on a separate slide for easy access and use in your own personal classroom lessons!