How Phonics Can Help Struggling Readers

“Kids need to become fearless codebreakers, not left in the dark to guess.”
—Dr. Mark Seidenberg

“Just a few weeks into starting to learn the Secret Stories at school, and my son began THRIVING!!! He is not the same reader he was five months ago. I am actually reconsidering my assumption that he is dyslexic because his improvement has been so drastic in such a short period of time. He decides words much more fluidly now. He went from struggling through the first set of BOB books to reading the “Toad and Frog” series in just five months! Most importantly, my son finally enjoys learning to read. He used to avoid reading at all costs. Now he can’t wait to decode words using the Secrets he’s learned. He gets really excited when he finds Secrets in words while we are out shopping, and he literally tells random people at the park about the Secrets he’s learned. He can spend a solid 20 minutes telling our friends and family about his Secret Story cards on the wall when they come to visit. He has so much enthusiasm and excitement about each of the Secrets. You have no idea how happy it makes me to see my son finally falling in love with reading. Knowing the Secret Stories has completely changed my son’s life for the better. I am so grateful to my son’s teacher for finally giving him what he’s been missing for so long! And thank YOU so much for developing them!”
—Jill, Parent in Virginia

phonics for struggling readers