Science of Reading Aligned Phonics Centers

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Science of Reading Orthographic Mapping

Science of Reading Word Mapping Sounds

Science of Reading Aligned Phonics Centers  – $25

This SoR-aligned Centers FUN Pack is a perfect way to “practice and play” with the Secret Stories® phonics patterns and sounds in whole group, small group or in centers!

These Interactive structured literacy activities are ideal for students who require more concentrated and explicit practice of newly introduced Secret Stories® phonics patterns, especially in small groups and centers, as well as with students who require additional practice.

Included In This Product:

  • Crystal clear PDF version of the Secret Stories® Digital Sound Stickers and Building Map to print and make your own “DIY” Phoneme Grapheme Mats to help kids map the sounds/letters they hear in words. Step-by-step directions with pictures are also included, along with easy printing directions. (Note: This PDF version is NOT editable, as it’s all done for your, but it was made using the editable Secret Stories® Digital Sound Stickers.)
  • Extra “Word Building” Templates for mapping the phonemes and graphemes with Secret Story phonics manipulative and/or writing. Video links are included to provide an overview of phoneme grapheme mapping, heart words (i.e. “heart parts”), etc.
  • “Tap it, Map it, Build it, Read it, Write it!” activity page templates for varied and leveled practice, with video links provided.