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Explicit Phonics Instruction Structured Literacy Lessons  $25

Ideal for Resource, Intervention and Small Group Instruction at Any Level!

These Interactive OR Printable Structured Literacy Lessons are ideal for use with students who require more focused and explicit practice of newly introduced Secret Stories® phonics pattern, especially in pull-out/resource settings with limited instructional time and practice.

In addition to the Structured Lessons for each of the Secret Stories® phonics patterns, editable templates are also included, all with embedded Secret Story sound graphic “hints.” Also included are Phoneme Grapheme Mapping Templates for interactive and manipulative spelling practice. Use for concentrated practice of specific Secret Story phonics patterns in the words provided, or with your own sight words, snap words, spelling words, vocabulary words, etc…

Included In This Product:
—Interactive Structured Literacy Lessons w/Thumbnail-Sized “Hint” Sound Graphics
—Editable/Blank Literacy Lesson Templates for Each Secret Stories® Phonics Pattern
—Interactive Phoneme Grapheme Mapping Lesson Templates
—Video Instructional Overview with Sample Student Lesson
*PowerPoint and PDF versions are included for interactive student use and easy printing.