Secret Stories® Phonics Task Cards
for Use with ANY Text

Phonics Task Cards

digital phonics task cards

Secret Stories® “Universal” Phonics Task Cards for Use with ANY Text – $18

These “universal” task cards work with ANY text and can be used at ANY grade level, making it easy to target specific phonics Secrets on an individual, whole, or small group level. They are perfect for differentiating, as they pair with any text—from guided readers, to a poem on the board, to math directions—the Secret Stories® Task Cards will get your students searching for Secrets, no matter what they are reading! The best part about these cards is that they can be used OVER and OVER again. The only thing you need to change is the text! SECRET STORIES® REMOTE READING LESSONS AND DISTANCE LEARNING! This pack includes both PRINTABLE and DIGITAL (PowerPoint and PDF) Task Card versions for ultimate flexibility in any online learning format. (In addition to the PowerPoint and PDF “pack” file included in this product are individual Task Card PDFs for easy upload and student assignment in platforms like Seesaw.) This product also includes: individual student “reading meters” (for personal assessment), student recording sheets (for tracking progress) and a bonus set of Social-Emotional Task Cards with Secret Stories® skill connections! *Black and white versions of everything are also included for easy printing.