Secret Stories® Phonics Resources for Parents, including Free Parent Support Videos, Lessons & Tools!

Welcome Parents!

Your child’s teacher has provided you with a link to this unlisted “secret” page to help you learn more about the Secret Stories® (a.k.a. Secrets). It’s important that you understand what the Secrets are and how they work because they are the “tools” your child uses to read, write and spell independently, across the entire instructional day.

Here you will find information and free resources to help support your child’s use of the Secret Stories® while they are learning at home. You can also find lots of support (and free resources!) in the Secret Stories® Facebook Group!

For parents who would like to purchase Secret Stories® for at-home use, the following items are available:

  • Parent Home “Bundle” (includes both Parent/Home version AND the Flashcards—everything needed to “read, write and play” with the Secrets to fast-track reading and writing at home!)

(If your child was given a Porta-Pic to use at home by their teacher, these do not contain the stories and so cannot be used for teaching them. They are intended only for only for student reference when reading and writing.)

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A Special Video, Just for Parents!
How to Support Your Child’s Independent Reading and Writing at Home 

NEW! The Secret Stories® APP!
Secret Stories Phonics App Preview pic

Bring the Secret Stories® HOME with the new iOS App for iPhones & iPads!  

The NEW Secret Stories® App lets you and your child “play” with the Secret Stories® at home! Sing along with the Better Alphabet™ Song, while you also learn the “secret” sounds that letters make when they get together in words!

The Secret Stories® App is the number one tool that we’ve created to help support your child’s use of the  Secret Stories® for independent reading and writing at home!

You can find it here in the 🍎App Store, and we would love for you to rate it, if you download it, as this helps other parents (not in a Stories® classroom) to find it!