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“Heavy Duty” Decorative Phonics Flashcards


This is a set of 6×6-inch (w/4×4 image) Secret Stories® Phonics Flashcards in “heavy duty” decorative pastel colors.

NEW!! A perfect supplement to the Secret Stories® Phonics Classroom Kit or Parent Resource / Homeschool Version.

The “Heavy Duty” Decorative Phonics Flashcards are just like the original red ones, but made from extra heavy-duty cardstock to withstand lots of hands-on use! The flashcards include the Secret sound graphic on the front and “abridged” phonics story on the back for quick and easy reference.

In the classroom….
They are ideal for “hands-on” manipulative use in both small and whole group instruction, literacy centers, resource settings, one-on-one tutoring/volunteer work, etc.

At home….
They provide a “cheat-sheet” for easy learning on-the-go and hands-on, portable play!


Please note that the Flashcards are an “add-on” to the Secret Stories® Kit, which contains everything needed for full implementation. The Flashcards are NOT intended for reference when reading and writing, as learners must have easy visual access to ALL of the Secret Stories® graphics, simultaneously, in order to quickly reference the sounds (for reading) and spellings (for writing). *The posters (in the Classroom Kits) or the cut-apart, smaller visuals in the back section of the book (Home Kit) should be used for this purpose.

USD $47.50