Heavy Duty “Warm Neutrals” Phonics Flashcards

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This is a set of 6×6-inch (w/4×4 image) “heavy duty” Secret Stories® Phonics Flashcards in warm neutral colors.

A perfect supplement to the Secret Stories® Classroom Kit!

The Heavy-Duty “Warm Neutral” Phonics Flashcards are just like the original red ones, but made from extra heavy-duty cardstock to withstand lots of hands-on use! The flashcards have the Secret Story embedded mnemonic sound image on the front and an abridged “story-starter” version of the sound story on the back for quick reference. (Note: The flashcards do NOT include the complete stories with “next-most likely” sound defaults, as those are in the book that comes with the Class Kit.)

In the classroom….
They are ideal for “hands-on” manipulative activities and use in both small and whole group instruction, literacy centers, resource settings, one-on-one tutoring/volunteer work, etc.

They are a perfect teacher “cheat-sheet” for easy learning on-the-go and hands-on, portable play!


*Please note that the Flashcards are intended to work WITH the Secret Stories® Classroom Kit, not in place of it. The letter size on the cards is too small for student reference when reading/writing, and they do not have  the “complete” stories (with the “next most likely” sound defaults), nor the musical sound-skill drills needed to automate the sounds. .

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