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Secret Stories® Phonics Boom Cards: Reinforcing Learning in the Brain

  Hello, I am Janelle Schneider. Some of you may know me as Mrs. Schneider from Engage & Inspire with Mrs. Schneider. I wanted to share with you two of my favorite teaching resources, Boom Cards and Secret Stories! I am going to explain why Secret Stories phonics activities on Boom are the perfect addition to any […]

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Decoding Words for Reading with Phonics “Secrets”

Decoding Sight Words with Phonics Secrets is finally DONE!! But before I share more about this, I wanted to explain why I created it in the first place…. It’s always seems odd to me when I hear questions like…. “How do I know which Secrets to teach for each sight word?” or “Is there a […]

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Orthographic Mapping with Secret Stories® Science of Reading Center Mats

  How to Make Phoneme Grapheme Word Mapping Mats This blog post has been reproduced, with permission, from Shelly Mahn’s blog. It provides step-by-step directions on make the Secret Stories® Phoneme Grapheme Word Mapping Mats that are included in the Science of Reading Secret Stories® Centers on TpT. (All links mentioned can be found inside […]

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Teaching My “Differently-Wired” Child How to Read

A guest post by Elizabeth George, a mother and “unexpected homeschool teacher” to a neurodiverse first grader with Autism.     Teaching Neurodiverse Learners Dyslexia, Autism, ADHD and More I am the parent of a neurodiverse child, which means that my child’s brain is wired differently. This causes him to think, learn and sometimes behave differently. […]

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A Secret Sound Wall for Reading, Writing & Spelling

  I love watching the kids use our Secret posters on the wall to read and write whatever they want. It’s amazing what our youngest learners can do and how easily they can do it when we just give them the tools they need and let them ‘play!’     Sound Walls, Word Walls and […]

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When Teaching Phonics Feels Perfectly Right

  A guest post by first grade teacher, Karrie Kehrig. Teacher Overwhelm It was the first week of October, and even though school hadn’t started until the end of August, I was already feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. As a hybrid classroom for distance learning, I have 22 students in person and 7 online, and teaching […]

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How To Know If Your Phonics Instruction is Working

How to Know if Your Phonics Instruction is Really Working by Kristina Weller​, author of Writing and Laughing Blog Yeah, I know. Super sexy blog title! You’re probably here because of that burning question: How do I know if my phonics instruction is actually working? Well, I have two answers for you, but first, a little […]

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Tips for Teaching Your Child to Read

 The following post has been reprinted with permission from https://parisjeske.com. Where to start? The past six or so months, Finley has really picked up on reading and it has become one of my favorite parts of our homeschool day. We don’t use any specific curriculum, but are slightly more structured than “unschooling.” While I’m certainly […]